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Exclusive of the 3D printed brackets, all of the hardware of the HRC Model Set can be found online, at a hardware store, or craft supply. Below are the hardware components along with a link to where you can purchase them.


  1. Wooden Dowels In our experiments we used ½” (OD) dowels from this assorted value pack. You can also purchase the dowels here if you do not want an assortment of sizes.
  2. Plywood These 12”×12” plywood sheets were then cut on a laser cutter to size. To build the console, larger sheets found here can be used.
  3. Screws #4 screws in ¼” lengths can be found here, and #4 screws in ½” lengths can be found here. These screws are both Phillips head screws, however it is possible to find screws with different drive heads as well.