Hello Stretch Setup Guide

Welcome to the Setup and Startup Guide for the Stretch Robot.

Starting up Stretch

  • Connect the stretch to the power source and switch it on.
  • Wait for the onboard Ubuntu to start up until you hear a beep.
  • Press the Mode button on the battery charger for 3 seconds until the lights on the bottom pannel come up. Then cycle through the modes and set Mode to 12V Supply.
  • Connect the robot to a monitor, keyboard and mouse to start coding.

Shutting down Stretch

  • Shut down the PC from the desktop.
  • After the laser range finder stops spinning, switch off the robot.
  • On the battery charger long press the Mode button until the top panel is illuminates. Select 12V AGM for the robot to charge when not in use.

ROS Commands to Interact with Stretch

  • Launch Stretch Drivers
    roslaunch stretch_core stretch_drivers.launch

  • Launch On-board RealSense Camera
    roslaunch stretch_core d435i_high_resolution.launch

  • Teleoperate Stretch using Keyboard
    roslaunch stretch_core keyboard_teleop.launch

  • To refer to and edit robot parameters, make changes to /stretch_user/stretch-re1-1031/stretch_re1_factory_params.yaml




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